Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS is software that lets non-programmer types update and maintain their own websites without the intervention of a computer geek. Many of my clients find it much more convenient to be able to make updates themselves rather than calling me. Below are the CMS programs I use to give my customers this control:

WordPress has evolved into a feature-rich content management system, making it an excellent choice for many clients who need to maintain their own websites. Intuitive and easy to learn, WordPress won the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in 2009, proving it's not just for blogs anymore.

Examples: Western Sustainability Exchange - Home Resource - One Year in Costa Rica

The very first I ever developed with, WebsiteBaker is still my overall favorite CMS. I have "baked" many websites with it, and my clients love it for its friendly user interface and incredible ease of use. My own site runs on it, and I will be a die-hard "Baker" for as long as I'm doing web development.

Examples: Missoula Strikers - Katherine Fugate - Mike Williams Photography

Custom CMS
I've also built several custom CMS applications. The level of customization required by some clients has warranted developing a system from scratch rather than using open-source software. The need for custom CMS has decreased sharply as the quality and functionality of various open-source systems has improved, but I still use my own CMS on some projects.

Examples: EthoTech - Real Hunting Magazine - Cornerstone Property Management

Other Services

Website Design
Using clean design and color schemes, I build high-quality websites that reflect the personality, identity, and values of my customers.

Website Redesign
If your current website isn't meeting your expectations, I can make it more inviting, easier to navigate, and a more useful vehicle for presenting your information to the world.

Domain Registration
Did you know that having your own domain ( usually costs less than $20.00 a year? I will research and register an appropriate domain name for you if required.

Web Hosting
A web host is a company that "hosts" your website on its servers so that it can be seen by the outside world. I can provide high-quality, affordable hosting appropriate to your project.